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New JURA world campaign featuring Roger Federer and his robot

JURA’s coffee culture and coffee pleasure can be summed up with one phrase: ‘Freshly ground, not capsuled’. This catchy slogan is also the basis of the new commercial.

Roger Federer has a new high-tech robot to help around the house. He is clearly happy with his mechanical butler... until it tries to offer him a coffee from a capsule.

Told with a charming twinkle in the eye, the story proves that discerning coffee lovers would only ever consider a freshly ground coffee.

The fully automatic machine from the TV spot

ENA 8: small, beautiful, simple - freshly ground, not capsuled
The new, superlative, single-cup fully automatic coffee maker: small, simple, beautiful - a must for all coffee connoisseurs and aesthetes. The ENA 8 inspires with its coffee specialities, freshly ground, not capsuled. And with its variety at the touch of a button, it flatters even the most pampered palate.

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