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Roger Federer “Fresh in the city”

The collaboration between JURA and brand ambassador Roger Federer began back in 2006. The communications campaign is now entering a new phase. The message consistently focuses on everything that JURA automatic coffee machines do to perfection: Speciality coffees – freshly ground, not capsuled.

Federer transcends national and cultural borders with his charisma to win the hearts of people all around the world. That’s why he can now call anywhere on the planet his home. The one thing he needs wherever he goes, however, is his JURA coffee machine. If only he could always find freshly roasted coffee beans… In short, entertaining episodes, Roger is his famously unassuming self as he goes on the hunt for coffee beans. His neighbours in Shanghai, New York or Valbella are delighted about his unexpected visit. And as connoisseurs of great-tasting coffee, they are more than happy to help him out.

"Fresh back in Shanghai"


"Fresh back in New York"


"Frisch zrugg dehai"


"Früsch zrugg in dr Stadt" – the Christmas special

For once, it’s not Roger Federer ringing his neighbour’s doorbell and asking for coffee beans. Instead, it’s Santa Clause knocking on Roger’s door because he’s ran out of coffee beans. And as Christmas is a holiday that shouldn’t be spent alone, Federer invites the guest in then and there. Together they savour delicious latte macchiati from the new GIGA 6. After all, it can even brew two trend specialities with milk and milk foam at a time, doubling the pleasure to be shared.


The fully automatic machines from the spots

GIGA 6: Perfection, precision and professionalism in a new dimension

JURA is redefining the concept of automatic speciality coffee machines with the GIGA 6. This professional machine for household use is brimming with the latest technology for outstanding results. Made of top-­quality ­materials and with Swiss precision, the GIGA 6’s clear ­design features radiate power and expertise.

Discover the GIGA 6 Aluminium

ENA 8: All-round design with touch operation

The elegantly compact one-cup machine now comes with espe¬cially simple touchscreen operation combined with artificial intelligence. The touchscreen display puts all your favourite coffees right at your fingertips, while an algorithm identifies your personal preferences and adapts the start screen automatically.

Discover the ENA 8 Full Metropolitan Black

Z8: Professional technology for premium enjoyment

The Z8 represents the ingenuity of Swiss engineering. The new Professional Aroma Grinder guarantees 12.2% more aroma and consistently high grind quality so that flavours unfold to perfection.

Discover the Z8 Diamond Black

E8: Bestseller with touch operation

JURA’s most successful coffee machine model now comes with touchscreen operation and artificial intelligence. An algorithm continuously monitors your personal preferences and adjusts the start screen automatically to display either two or four of your favourite coffee specialities.

Discover the E8 Platinum


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