JURA operates in over 40 countries worldwide. JURA products are sold through its own sales organisations or through distributors. To maintain a globally consistent brand image, international markets are also supported by the programme of seminars at the JURA Coffee Academy. Seminars are designed for sales teams from national organisations and their retail partners.

The following seminars are available:

Seminar for retailers – household Segment

This seminar is designed to prepare participants to successfully sell JURA products for household use. Participants learn about the JURA brand, how the system of an automatic coffee machine works and of course new products and features. Practical tasks form an important part of the seminar.

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Seminar for retailers – professional segment

This seminar is designed for people who sell professional machines. New products are presented and participants are given the chance to learn about operation and programming through practical tasks. They learn to analyse different target groups and identify the ideal coffee solutions for their needs.

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Train the Trainer Seminar

To enable retail partners to pass on their expertise in the JURA brand and JURA products at points of sale all over the world, training is not only offered at Swiss headquarters, but also in the various local markets. To maintain a consistent high training standard, trainers from the different countries are trained in a special seminar. In this »Train the Trainer Seminar«, participants acquire the skills and methods required to train their retail partners in their local markets.

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To find out the dates of the next seminars, please contact your Area Manager or write an e-mail to academy@jura.com.