JURA products are normally sold in a multi-stage process through various sales partners. The Coffee Academy concept is therefore designed to train professionals at the different stages in the sales chain such that the consumer receives optimum advice at the point of sale. The basis for optimum advice at the point of sale is the emotional product experience. So the sales partner must have a detailed knowledge of the product and be able to actively apply it. The point of sale must also be set up to allow the customer to sample a freshly prepared cup of coffee.


The seminars at the Coffee Academy involve all the senses. Participants actively experience the products, the coffee and the selling process. The method and format are adapted to their existing level of knowledge. This results in an interesting, varied seminar with a combination of presentation and plenty of practical tasks, either alone or in a small group. This guarantees that all participants and their different learning styles are optimally catered for. The intention is that participants should be able to apply what they have learned the very next day at the point of sale.

Product knowledge

In-depth product knowledge is essential to getting the most out of JURA coffee machines, whether you are selling them or using them at home. So this is always a central component of the seminars. Participants learn about the different models through a theory part and, most importantly, practical tasks. Operation, programming and maintenance are all covered.
Coffee knowledge

The perfect result in the cup requires not only the right coffee machine but also the right beans. The flavour of a coffee is determined by the region of origin, harvesting, processing, roasting and storage of the beans. In the seminars we look at the ways in which these factors affect the result in the cup.