For premium enjoyment of black coffee specialities

The X4 offers incomparable coffee enjoyment. It grinds the coffee beans with the Professional Aroma Grinder (P.A.G.2) and combines three innovative JURA brewing processes. With the One-Touch Lungo function, it prepares aromatic americanos and lungos with their characteristic notes to perfection. The popular café crème benefits from 3D brewing technology, while espressi boast a strong yet balanced taste thanks to the Pulse Extraction process (P.E.P.®).

The X4 is based on a user-centric concept and offers stylish functionality. It supports the MDB standard, providing a flexible payment connection. It also impresses with ergonomically designed components, as well as a lockable bean container and water tank. The X4 offers coffee aficionados simple, intuitive operation and, most importantly, outstanding coffee indulgence. It is ideal for caterers, self-service areas and open-plan offices where about 100 cups are prepared per day.

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