03/01/2017 - Coffee machine specialist celebrates two-figure growth

Niederbuchsiten, 2 March 2017 – 2016 has been the most successful year in the history of JURA Elektroapparate AG. Last year the company based in Niederbuchsiten, Switzerland sold 321 000 automatic speciality coffee machines. This is an increase of 27 600 on the previous year, representing a 9.5% growth in the number of units sold. Turnover increased by 11.7% to CHF 421 million. “The growth has been driven by newly launched product lines and a stronger presence at our worldwide points of sale,” says General Manager Emanuel Probst. For the current year, all the signs are once again pointing to success. In 2017 JURA is aiming to achieve further growth.


Business development











Revenue of the JURA Group in mill. CHF



Share of revenue: Europe

79 %

76 %

Share of revenue: Rest of World

21 %

24 %


Number of automatic coffee machines








Full-time positions - Group



Full-time positions - Switzerland (including 26 trainees)



36.0 %


36.7 %

Full-time positions - international



64.0 %


63.3 %

*) provisional figures


Growth factors in 2016

The launch of two new product lines for household use (the E line and Z line) and a stronger focus on the office and professional business (with the GIGA X and WE line) proved very successful in the past year. These product innovations strengthened the brand essence. JURA sold 321 000 coffee machines, or 27 600 more units than in 2015. Consolidated turnover significantly exceeded the CHF 400 million mark and, at CHF 421 million, was 11.7% higher than the previous year. Globally thriving markets contributed to this. JURA premium coffee machines are available in around 50 countries. “In our biggest markets of Germany and the USA, growth is in two-figure percentages,” says Probst. There has also been strong growth in the Asia region, Poland, the Netherlands and France. Last year, global momentum made what were once small markets for JURA into prospering ones. In particular, Probst points to the Baltic countries, Sweden, Canada and China.

Another factor in the Swiss company’s success is investments in a stronger presence at the point of sale. In recent years JURA has significantly reduced the number of outlets worldwide from 11 000 to 7000. At the same time it has considerably increased competence and efficiency. Examples include the JURA Store London, opened in the autumn, and the new Hospitality Centers in Perth and Singapore. Another important contributing factor is JURA LIVE, the live support feature launched in 2013 as an innovative service on the JURA website. Since last year tablets have also been installed at points of sale at specialised dealers throughout Switzerland, allowing customers to get expert advice direct from JURA headquarters. 

Ten years of partnership with Roger Federer and tenth anniversary of JURAworld of Coffee

In 2016 JURA celebrated two anniversaries at its headquarters in Niederbuchsiten. Over 7000 enthusiastic fans welcomed brand ambassador Roger Federer on 22 October when he gave an absorbing public interview to mark ten years of the collaboration. The global tennis superstar has been the JURA brand ambassador since 2006. During this time, the collaboration has deepened and become a long-term, close partnership. It is based on common values, such as Swiss origin, hard work, precision, quality, elegance and the pursuit of perfection. 

There were also celebrations of the tenth anniversary of JURAworld of Coffee. Over 300 000 people have now visited the exhibition. They have learned about the current JURA range in the product world, discovered the world’s first and only Roger Federer Walk of Fame, found inspiration in the coffee boutique and enjoyed speciality coffees in the cosy coffee lounge.

Outlook for 2017

JURA is aspiring to further growth this year, with the target of selling 330 000 JURA coffee machines worldwide. The company intends to use the momentum of the Z and E lines in the household business and a well established Professional division.

Throughout 2017 JURA will press ahead with the development of the POS of the future, with JURA LIVE playing an important role. The number of shop-in-shops and JURA Stores will also increase. A key milestone will be achieved at the end of March with the opening of the JURA Store in Moscow, in the city’s Red Square. With continuing innovation and active market development, JURA is taking the future into its own hands.

In Niederbuchsiten, the recent investments in the customer service of the future will soon be visible. Conversion work is already underway in the reception area of the Glass Service Center. From June, customers will be welcomed with a completely new hospitality concept. As is always the case at JURA, the innovations at headquarters will serve as a model and source of inspiration for the rest of the world. Because the company doesn’t just export coffee machines from Switzerland, it also exports service concepts.    

JURA Elektroapparate AG, founded in 1931 and based in Niederbuchsiten, Switzerland, is the innovation leader in automatic speciality coffee machines. The company's products stand for the perfect coffee result from fresh beans, always freshly ground and extracted at the touch of a button. The product range includes both machines for domestic use and professional models for the office and food service industry. In recent years the long-established Swiss brand has grown to become a global player, operating in around 50 countries.

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