10/01/2020 - Brand ambassador pays a visit to JURA and celebrates two world premieres

Niederbuchsiten, 2 October 2020 – In what has become an enjoyable tradition, brand ambassador Roger Federer pays a visit to JURA every autumn. The occasion is a little different each time. Once, it was held on an open day with ten thousand jubilant fans, another time at an exclusive, elegant event for retailers. This year, amid the ongoing Covid-19 situation, JURA has opted for a small gathering with a family feel. But this certainly doesn’t diminish the incredible atmosphere. Quite the opposite, because in addition to meeting his ‘3D twin’, the tennis maestro is celebrating no less than two world premieres together with Marianne and Emanuel Probst (CEO). As well as presenting the new communication campaign, he is the first visitor to the newest attraction at JURAworld of Coffee, the Rubia Coffee Ride.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. On a cold, wet autumn day, Roger Federer arrives at the entrance to JURAworld of Coffee in a somewhat unusual chauffeur-driven vehicle. Smiling broadly, he emerges from the company car which is pulling a trailer featuring an image from the new communication campaign. The advertising message reflects what JURA is all about: ‘Freshly ground, not capsuled’. In the visitor centre he receives a warm welcome from Marianne and Emanuel Probst. He is delighted to be there and looking forward to seeing the exciting new developments at JURAworld of Coffee.

Roger Federer meets himself
As the first stop on his tour, the charismatic brand ambassador visits his very own Walk of Fame. Created in 2010, it celebrates the successes of an exceptional athlete. In a series of fascinating scenarios, visitors can follow in Federer’s footsteps and even admire original trophies. A year ago, an exciting new feature was added: the world’s first and only authorised 3D figure of the tennis star. Federer grins when he meets his ‘twin’. It’s a strange feeling to stand opposite yourself, he admits! But then he does what thousands of visitors have done before him: he presses the button and captures the special moment in a souvenir photo. 

Household robot vs. JURA coffee machine
In the spacious entrance area of JURAworld of Coffee there is a red carpet surrounded by velvet cords. On a large screen is a splendid image of a red curtain. From the backdrop it’s clear that a premiere is about to take place. And so it is! A year ago, CEO Emanuel Probst and brand ambassador Roger Federer signed a five-year extension to their contract. Now it’s time for JURA’s communication campaign to enter a new phase too. Here, today, it is celebrating its world premiere. With a contactless sensor, Federer starts the presentation. The curtain rises on the new film, in which Federer interacts with an old friend, his household robot, which first appeared in a JURA campaign back in 2017. In the latest episode, the robot is really proud of its promising update... but hasn’t reckoned with the perils of opening a standard coffee tin seal. Although grateful for the robot’s help, Roger decides he much prefers his new JURA E8. This is followed by the new print media and poster campaigns. Asked how it feels to see himself as brand ambassador across all the different media, Federer humbly replies that, ‘I don’t necessarily need to see myself. But I know that my family and friends like these films and photos a lot. That definitely makes me a little proud.’

First guest in the new 4D cinema: Roger Federer
To crown his flying visit, Federer explores the exhibition in the visitor centre. Opened in his presence in 2006 (Federer’s first official engagement as JURA brand ambassador), JURAworld of Coffee has already undergone a number of further developments. On this occasion, the star tries out the newest attraction: the Rubia Coffee Ride, a 4D cinema experience for visitors of all ages. The eight-minute animated film takes the viewer along with Rubia on an exciting quest to find her homeland, the legendary Santa Arabica in the Coffee Land of Dreams. The film is projected on to three screens that surround the audience, putting them right in the middle of the action. Six moving seats add authenticity to the viewing experience. ‘Full speed ahead!’ says Federer with a chuckle before the film begins. He clearly enjoys the film with its inspiring soundtrack. It was a ‘very cool experience,’ he reports as he leaves the cinema hand in hand with mascot Rubia.

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About JURAworld of Coffee:
The JURA visitor centre opened its doors in 2006. It is open to the public and offers visitors a unique exhibition dedicated to coffee. Visitors can also discover the most important milestones in the history of the company, which was founded in 1931. The most recent attraction, the Rubia Coffee Ride, is now open. JURAworld of Coffee is also home to a product world in which visitors can get expert advice on the full JURA range. A key highlight is the world’s first and only Roger Federer Walk of Fame, in which you can get up close to the tennis star and even admire original trophies. And what better way to round off your visit than with a souvenir photo with Federer’s ‘3D twin’? The coffee shop offers choice coffees from the company’s own roasting facility as well as a full range of coffee-related products. The coffee lounge is the perfect place to enjoy a freshly made coffee, with a huge range of speciality coffees available to choose from. A delicious patisserie is the perfect accompaniment. 

With an exciting choice of things to see and do, a visit to JURAworld of Coffee is the perfect day out for all ages. For more information visit www.juraworld.com